General Conditions



General Conditions

Organization:  The organization of the programs contained in this brochure are effectuated by  by “Tomaz do Douro” Tourist Enterprises, Lda, with head office in Porto and Capital stock of 250 000,00 Euros, taxpayer nº 503 296 139, registered in the C.R.C.P, under the nº 5093, with office on the Praça da Ribeira, nº 5 – 4050 – 513 PORTO.

Registrations and Reservations: In any cruise, both registrations and reservations should be effected in writing whenever possible; only registrations and reservations liquidated 48 hours before the cruise will be considered; registrations and reservations for all cruises should be effected 8 days in advance; for the “Mini-cruises” the registrations should be effected and liquidated up to 24 hours before; charter reservations should be confirmed 2 months before the agreed date for the cruise; 25% deposit of the total value, the remaining 75% is liquidated15 days before the beginning of the services; the organizing company reserves the right to cancel any registration or reservations if these have not been liquidated during the periods referred above.

Prices: The prices indicated for each cruise are based on the costs in vigour at the date of printing this brochure, so they may be subject to alterations up to twenty days before the date of each cruise, if the elements that compose it suffer modifications; any price alteration will be communicated to the clients when and if possible, who may then cancel their reservation or registration; the prices include applicable tax (I.V.A); the price of each cruise will have a reduction of 100% for children with less than 3 years of age, or of 50% for children between the ages of 4 and 11, as long as properly accompanied.

Minimum number of participants: The realization of any cruise foreseen in this brochure depends on a minimum number of participants that, not existing, allows the organizing entity to cancel the cruise, without any reimbursement.

Cancellations: The cancellation of any cruise registration or reservation by the client implies that the client must reimburse the company; in the amount of its expenses as well as an additional 15% of the cruise’s value if the cancellation occurs less than 10 days before the cruise; in the amount of its expenses if the cancellation occurs more than 10 days before the cruise; the cancellation of charter reservations or for groups superior to 20 people, implies that the client must reimburse the company in 50%, 75% or 100% of the agreed upon cost, depending if the cancellation occurs, respectively, 30 days, 15 days or less, before the foreseen date of the charter.

The organizing entity reserves the right to cancel any cruise if: The participants minimum does not exist; if  there exists factors that cannot be controlled (such as climacteric conditions or technical mishaps in the dam); if in the programs that involve transport services supplied by a third party (train or bus), in case the use of foreseen transport is impossible, the organizing entity will provide an alternative transport; in the case of vessel delay for unexpected reasons (Ex: break-down or  delay in a navigation dam), the organizing company can be forced to cancel some foreseen services. The cost of these non-rendered services will be returned to the clients.

Complaints: Eventual complaints will only be considered if effectuated by the participants during the cruise and if presented in writing, during the five days subsequent to the end of the services.

Insurance: The existing insurances are those required by the Portuguese law.

Validity: This programms is valid from 01.01.2019 until 31.12.2019

Jurisdiction: The competent jurisdiction, with renouncement of any other, is that the district of Porto.