About us



The company Tomaz do Douro – Empreendimentos Turísticos, Lda, was founded in 1994 and realized cruises since Porto until Barca D’Alva, passed the activity equality for the realized lunches, dinners, marriages and conferences. Actually the company owns the  “São Telmo”,  “Via D’Ouro” “Ré Douro” and “Portuense” the type Rabelo which we built from begins, the motorboat “Santa Martha”,  “Sparkle”, “Extreme Jet”, the Jet Boat “Haka”, and the boats “Tomaz do Douro” and “Esplendor do Douro”. All boats are equipped with most modern navigation systems.

R.N.A.A.T. 110/2011
R.N.A.V.T. 2866
R.N.E.T. 4347