Cruise of Six Bridges – Porto


Passengers that wish to take the Cruise of the Six Bridges gather at the Estiva wharf.


Besides rich and spectacular scenery, during this cruise we will admire the six bridges that connect Porto and V.N. de Gaia. After leaving the Estiva wharf we begin to observe the “Ribeira” – riverside area, the D. Luís Bridge, the Serra do Pilar Monastery, the Infante Bridge, the D. Maria Pia Bridge, the S. João Bridge and the Freixo Bridge.

Once we reach the S. João Bridge, we turn back in order to admire the stunning city of Porto, World Heritage. Once we have passed the D. Luís Bridge, we navigate a little further, towards the ocean, in order to see the Arrábida Bridge. Here we cannot help but stop and admire beautiful Afurada, a fishermen’s village. At this point, we can calmly observe the harbour entrance, the striking beauty of the river and sea that join together and interlace as something that is part of one life only.


Duration:  50 minutes



10h00 > 18h30 – Summer Time

10h00 > 16h30 – Winter Time


Price per person: 15.00€

Children 4 to 11 years old: 50 % Discount

Subject to availability and changes.